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Men's Society, The Churchyard, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. PE12 9JH.

Men's Society, The Churchyard, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. PE12 9JH.

Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm (GMT)


18 hours in Amsterdam - Business Trip Essentials


We've got a meeting in Amsterdam. Flying in the afternoon, returning the next morning. 18 hours in Amsterdam. In theory I should be able to pack fairly light. In theory. But then again, the weather is pretty funny at the moment. I might need a light rain coat. A jumper perhaps. Definitely a couple of t-shirts. And what about shoes? See, its tricky. 

So whilst I debate the clothing situation, here's our line up of hardware and accessories that are ready to go:

Bag - from Utility Canvas, its a beautiful waxed canvas. Made in the USA. 

Laptop - Chromebook. yeah, I love a Mac. But lose it, drop it, pour coffee on it and you'll be in tears so we prefer these wee Chromebooks. They're brilliant. Cheap and light. 

Pen - this is a sample that we received from a US business that makes motorcycle parts. Its solid brass, unique and I love it. 

Iphone Charger - don't forget it. Or you'll be trying to buy a replacement at the airport and then you'll be charged a flipping fortune.

Stow Away Travel Kit - come on, we've got to pack one of these beauties.

Money, money, money - I have an American Express for emergencies - paying local fixers, etc. And for everything else a Revolut card. This is an amazing card - it allows you transfer funds at a spot rate, and you can top it up, do transfers etc, all on the app. 

Headphones - theses Sennheissers are the best headphones I've ever owned. Makes any journey a bit more bearable. Of course, technology progress means that my phone doesn't have a headphone jack... so if I forget the adaptor then they're just a huge pair of ornamental headphones.

Sunglasses - anyone fancy a sweepstake on how long it will be before I've lost these? 

Ibuprofen - well, we are going to Amsterdam after all. 

Business Cards - a classic one to forget.

Sneaker Wipes - I dread to think about what exactly might get on my sneakers in the 'Dam. So I'm going to carry these and avoid certain bars to be safe.