Fresh Lemons is a relatively new concept store in Denderleeuw, Belgium; created by a former lawyer who escaped the office and followed her dream of opening her own store.

We spoke to its founder, Kim De Leeuw, about her new shop.

Fresh Lemons

Please can you tell us why you decided to open the shop?

Starting my business meant a huge career move for me. I actually studied law and had an office job before. It was a dream of me to open my own shop. My grandparents and aunts had their own businesses, so I was triggered by them to choose that pad too. Now at 37, being a mom of a 3-year old boy, it felt right to realize that dream.

I opened my concept store Fresh Lemons a little more than a month ago. In the store you can find unique gifts for men, women and kids, accessories and interior objects. I like the fact you have various products all in one store. I'm always searching for products with an original design from preferably less known brands and talented designers. Fresh Lemons wants to stand out from your every day shop.


How do you prefer to meet your suppliers? Do you like to find them or do you like them to approach you?

I prefer going on the hunt for new products and brands and visiting fairs and inspiring places. It's  satisfying when you can convince somebody you'll be a good representative of his/her brand.


In terms of supplier relationships, do you like to communicate with them regularly or only when you're actually ordering products?

I like to communicate with them regularly and have a more personal connection.


You focus your sales through your shop, rather than online. What led to that decision?

Actually behind the scenes I’m working on my webshop. I think you can’t do without these days. But I  wanted to have a physical shop for sure, because I like  to give people personal advice and show the products in an inspiring environment.  I have a couch where people can sit down and relax for a while and I can offer a glass of water or from time to time we have selfmade lemonade. So the physical store offers a kind of extra dimension to the shopping.


Do you have a regular customer base or do you find that you frequently see new customers come through the door?

Since I've opened my shop just recently, it’s a bit early to say. But I already have customers who came back a second time, so that's great.


How do you see Fresh Lemons looking in 10 years time?

My first goal is that more and more people get to know and like my shop. I don't want to go back to my office job ;) So my priority is to make it a succesfull business by giving my customers an enjoyable shopping experience and staying that shop they want to come to for something out of the ordinary. I will be searching and adding some new dimensions to the shopping, for example throwing some events or collaborate with other people who can complement my activities.

You can find Fresh Lemons on Instagram - @freshlemonsshop

September 19, 2017 by Men's Society