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Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm (GMT)


Men's Society, The Churchyard, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. PE12 9JH.

Men's Society, The Churchyard, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. PE12 9JH.

Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm (GMT)

How to order

Crucial information! We're glad you asked. 

Ordering from us is really simple. If you're happy to use this website, it's definitely the easiest way. You could always give us a ring if you'd prefer; the number is 01406 362633.

If you've never ordered through this website before, please click here first.

To order through the website:

Simply choose what SKUs you'd like and add them to your sales order. This is exactly the same process as adding things to your cart on a normal shopping website. Please remember that we can only sell wholesale orders in multiples of 6.

When you get to the "create sales order" page, it'll ask you to give us a few details. It's simple things like delivery address - nothing too tricky! 


We won't ask you for payment details on this website. When you've submitted your sales order, you'll be contacted by an account manager who will confirm details with you and arrange payment.

If this is the first time you've ordered from us, we will ask you to pay proforma. After that, it is possible to discuss other payment terms. 

After-sales support:

We'll be available to you for as long as you like, whether it's for advice, answering questions or discussing best sellers. Please feel free to ask.